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Account Nber: 0000022225747

Bank Name: Security Bank Corporation


Branch: Makati Avenue Zuelig




24 March 2023
• Airport Transfer of Ms Gabrielle and Ms Maria to ShangriLa BGC – Flight EK 332, Terminal 3 pick up

25 March 2023
• Airport Transfer to NAIA
• Flight to El Nido for 3 persons
• Land Transfer to the private boat
• Bacuit Archipelago Tour in the afternoon

26 March 2023
• Morning at Bacuit Archipelago
• afternoon at Macpan beach

27 March 2023
• Cruising in Linapacan Islands

28 March 2023
• Cruising in Linapacan Islands and Culion Islands

29 March 2023
• Cruising in Coron Area
• Afternoon visit of the Barracuda and Kayangan lakes

30 March 2023
• Cruising in Coron Area
• Early morning scuba diving in the Lusong Wrecks
• Drop off at lunch time in Coron town, transfer to Club Paradise

31 March 2023
• Dugong Diving on Morning
• free afternoon and evening at Club Paradise

01 April 2023
• free day at Club Paradise

02 April 2023
• Free day at Club Paradise
• Afternoon flight from Coron to Manila
• Transfer to Shangri-La BGC

03 April 2023
• Early pick up at Shangri-La, Intramuros visit with accredited guide
• Transfer to NAIA International Airport
• 12:00NN –  Airport transfer from ShangriLa BGC to NAIA international Airport
• 2:15PM –  Flight Back to France EK 333 Terminal 3




Ready for an adventure? We created for you a unique itinerary far from the mass tourism. 


MARCH 24, 2023

MARCH 25, 2023


An afternoon cruise on the Dean 44 catamaran around El Nido and the Bacuit Archipelago is a great way to explore the beautiful islands in the area. The cruise will take you to visit several different islands, including Pinagbuyutan Island, Snake Island, and the Big Lagoon.

Each of these islands offers something unique and special to see and experience, whether it’s the stunning white sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, or the diverse marine life.


MARCH 26, 2023


Morning in the Bacuit archilagao tthen we will sail north. We will stop on some hidden beaches on Cadlao Island and cruise along the majestic Nacpan and Duli beaches. You can stop at Duli to try some surfing activities. Night in the 


MARCH 27, 2023


On this day, we will explore the Linapacan Islands, a hidden gem in the Palawan province of the Philippines. These islands are known for their picturesque white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and diverse marine life. The Linapacan Islands are only accessible by boat which means that mass tourism is not an issue, making this the perfect destination for those looking for a secluded and peaceful getaway. We will wake up on Maosonon island and we will cruise to Ginto, Cagdanao and  the surrounding lagoon. We can also visit the fisherman village of Calibangan island.

As we cruise through the islands, you will have the opportunity to snorkel and dive in crystal clear waters, teeming with vibrant coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. Imagine swimming with schools of tropical fish and encountering sea turtles, rays and even clown fishes, all in their natural habitat.

We will also be visiting a few of the islands and lagoons, where you can sunbathe on the white sandy beaches, explore hidden caves and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands. The Linapacan Islands are truly a paradise waiting to be discovered and we are excited to share this experience with you.


MARCH 28, 2023


On this day, we will depart from Linapacan Islands and head towards the North, Culion island and Busuanga. Banana Island. Once there, we will have the opportunity to snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters of Banana island and admire the diverse marine life.

We will then depart from Banana Island and head towards Malcapuya Island. Here, we will have time to relax and sunbathe on the white sandy beaches.


MARCH 29, 2023


Today, our catamaran will take you early morning to the beautiful Coron Island and one of its most stunning dive sites. You will dive in the Lusong Wrecks, which are located at 20 meters deep. These Japanese wrecks are some of the most stunning and accessible in the world and can be explored by snorkeling or free diving.

In the end of morning, we will head to Twin Lagoon and visit the leaky Barracuda and Kayangan lakes. The Twin Lagoon is a must-see destination, with crystal-clear water and breathtaking scenery.

We will drop off the guests in Coron Town in the mid-afternoon and provide transfer to the airport for your onward journey. This will be a day filled with adventure and beautiful scenery that you will never forget.


MARCH 30, 2023 to APRIL 02nd 2023


Today, our catamaran will take you early morning to the beautiful Coron Island and one of its most stunning dive sites. You will dive in the Lusong Wrecks, which are located at 20 meters deep. These Japanese wrecks are some of the most stunning and accessible in the world and can be explored by snorkeling or free diving.

We will drop off the guests in Coron Town in the late morning for the transfer to the airport for your onward journey. This will be a day filled with adventure and beautiful scenery that you will never forget.


APRIL 02nd 2023


Return flight to Manila


APRIL 02nd 2023


Your booking with THE LUXE GUIDE is conditional upon you, “The Clients”, accepting our, the Company’s, terms. If you do not agree with any part of them, you must not proceed with your booking. By confirming that you wish to book any service with us, you indicate that you have read and understood and accepted the relevant terms. If there is any part that you do not fully understand, or if you have a query about the service, please contact us.

The contracting party agrees to pay a booking deposit of 50% of total invoice value at the time of booking and the remaining 50% balance 40 working days prior to the booking. For bookings made within 40 working days prior of a booking the total booking fee will be due on confirmation of the booking.

The Company will only accept a booking upon receipt of deposit and signed quotation. Until the booking deposit is paid and contract signed and returned, the Company shall be free to offer the date in question to other parties.

If for any reason The Clients cancels the booking, there will not be any refund of any paid amount.

External Suppliers are not allowed on board.

THE LUXE GUIDE shall not be held liable for failure of or delay in performing its obligations under this Agreement if such failure or delay is the result of an act of God, such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flooding, or other natural disaster, or in the case of war, action of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, labor dispute or strike, government sanction, blockage, embargo, or failure of electrical service.

For cancellations caused by fortuitous events such as flood, typhoon or earthquake, THE LUXE GUIDE will reschedule or refund the booking.


Once the booking is confirmed and signed any change of contracted event date is not allowed.

Guests are authorized boarding on the boat 30 minutes prior to the starting time indicated on this inquiry. After the end of the event, guests will have 15 minutes to disembark. If disembark time will go over 15 minutes, THE LUXE GUIDE. will charge an extra rental to the guests.

The service begins at the commencement time specified in your booking, whether or not all guests are here or not.


Should the Clients reduce the number of Guests, that he has contracted on behalf of, 9 working days or more prior to the event date, no cancellation charge will incur. If guest numbers reduce within 9 working days of the event date The Clients shall be liable to pay 100% of the price attributable to each Guest.

Invoices for extras shall be payable in a form of cash on the day of the event.

The Clients and each and every guest agree to abide and comply with any request or order made by or on the Company’s behalf on all grounds of safety and that the Company’s opinion is final and will be abided by howsoever expressed. If in the opinion of the Company, its Servants or Agents, The Clients or Guest is behaving dangerously or is acting in a manner which would or may, in the opinion of the Company, it’s Servants or Agents, lead to a disruption of the services at the contracted event, The Clients or Guest will, at the request or order of the Company, it’s Servants or Agents leave the event for the rest of the day contracted for, without the Company, its Servants or Agents, encountering any liability.

THE LUXE GUIDE operates a strict policy of client confidentiality and will not disclose any information regarding your company or your business with us. We in turn expect your confidentiality.

The Clients accepts liability to pay in full for any damage or loss to boats, vehicles, waterproof clothing, or other equipment supplied by the Company, arising out of an act or omission of The Clients or Guests. The Clients and each Guest agree to limit any claims against the Company to the risks and amounts insured against by the Company and agree to observe the terms and conditions thereof. The Company and its Servants or Agents accept no responsibility in respect of any damage whatsoever, to any property of The Clients or Guests except where such damage is caused by the negligence of the Company, its Servants or Agents.

For safety purposes, expectant moms are advised not to board the boat.

THE LUXE GUIDE. reserves the rights to decline and remove passengers at any time for valid reasons, such as persons who are under the influence of liquor, prohibited drugs, etc.

In the event that passengers need medical assistance and/or are handicapped, this fact should be declared upon reservation.
The following are not allowed on-board the Carrier: (a) Any type of firearms (Military/Police personnel on duty/mission must surrender firearm at the Inspection Desk and will be places under the custody of the Ship Master/Captain), (b) Explosive items, like firecrackers and other pyrotechnics, (c) Live animals, (d) Corrosive substances such as chemical, acids, and alkaline based substance, (e) Flammable substances and materials such as gasoline, LPG, hydrogen, paints, thinner or other substances listed by International Maritime Organization, (f) Compressed Toxic Gas such as Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia Chlorine, and other poisonous substances, and (g) Prohibited drugs and/or substances.

THE LUXE GUIDE complies in full with data protection and data security laws.

Where a service is booked for the clients, and THE LUXE GUIDE has booked this service as the client’s agent, the client will be bound by the terms and conditions of this third party supplier.

When acting as a booking agent, THE LUXE GUIDE at times may receive a commission payment from the third party supplier or venue. This is not built into the fee charged to the clients, and is a cost of sale for the supplier. THE LUXE GUIDE  does not have to disclose any specific details about these commissions, as these are part of a separate contract between THE LUXE GUIDE and its partners.

Fees are expressed in a quotation to the clients. In the absence of a formal contract, an accepted quotation will constitute a formal agreement to pay the quoted fees.

Claims regarding non-delivery of services must be submitted by formal and recorded statement to a Director of THE LUXE GUIDE  immediately. Claims not reported in this way cannot be taken into consideration.

The Clients and each and every Guest agree to save the Company, it’s Servants or Agents, harmless from and to indemnify the Company, it’s Servants or Agents against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death or injury to The Clients or Guests, arising out of or in connection with attendance at the contracted event in circumstances where the company is not at fault.

The Company, its Servants or Agents accept no responsibility for matters outside the Company’s control causing the contracted event to be cancelled or altered from the advertised or contracted program. The Clients agrees that the Company may change the event contracted for without reduction in price in the instance of weather conditions rendering the original event impractical or dangerous. The company may change the activity or product supplied if necessary but will endeavour to supply a similar activity or product. Where possible all changes will be discussed with The Clients prior to the event date.

It is hereby expressly agreed that each and every Servant or Agent of The Company (including every Independent Contractor employed by The Company) shall take the benefit of every exemption and limitation herein contained and every exemption from liability, defence and immunity of whatsoever nature applicable to The Company or to which The Company is entitled here under shall also be available and shall extend to protect every such Servant or Agent of The Company. The Company is or shall be deemed to be acting as Agent or Trustee on behalf of and for the benefit of all persons who are or might be its Servants or Agents from time to time (including Independent Contractors as aforesaid) and all such persons shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to the contract evidenced by this agreement.

If any term of this Agreement is deemed to be void or unenforceable whether in whole or in part, the validity and enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement including any part of such term which is not held to be invalid shall not be prejudiced or affected and shall continue to apply subject to such amendment.

Any additions or alterations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

By accepting the terms and conditions of THE LUXE GUIDE, The Clients accepts the booking terms and conditions of all Suppliers and Sub Contractors to The Company. In so much The Clients agrees to be bound by all terms relating to Security / Damage deposits, in relation to yacht charter, equipment hire and accommodation.

Upon violation of any condition of this contract, we shall stop the event without any financial compensation.

Any dispute or legal action arising out of or in connection hereof shall be filed in the proper courts of Makati City, Philippines to the exclusion of other courts.



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